System information

The ISP case simulations are written using Authorware Professional as main tool. The applications are therefore possible to use on IBM-compatible computers as well as on Macintosh-computers and via any Authorware compatible Web browser (such as MIE and/or Netscape).

The Web functionality is furnished using the Authorware Web Player/Shockwave technique. All video clips are using Apple QuickTime compression technique.

Some data:
Every simulated case is made of a combination of a great number of sources, actors, real patient images (used by permission), professional models and other. sources

The Medical history is using a keyword-based interface to manipulate a database of video sequences, approximately 200 per patient.

More than 350 X-ray, CT and MR images are used and more than 1500 lab tests are included in total.

The system is available in Swedish and in English. A possible translation into French is discussed.