Learning issues

The purpose of the present project is to use modern multimedia technique in simulations of typical patient cases within different disciplines. The simulations are constructed to suit PBL and the design is intended to stimulate student activity and discussions between students. Among other features, the simulations are totally controlled by the students and the communication with the program is in a natural language. The learning effects and other possible outcomes of the project will be evaluated through necessary user feedback and log-functions built into the program, by teachers and students at the participating departments, by experts in pedagogical development and by external experts. A panel of Swedish and foreign experts in multimedia and medical computer aided learning has recently evaluated the ISP system. The project was found technical outstanding and very interesting and as the medical multimedia expert Hal Lyon, Professor of Health Sciences at Notre Dame College (Manchester, New Hampshire), pointed out "This appears to be the foundation for an excellent patient simulation program to teach clinical reasoning and diagnosis. ISP is one of the best systems in the World and in certain areas also the best system". Initial results from ongoing tests with students at different university hospitals in Sweden are encouraging and will be used for refining the final patient cases.

The educational setting for the clinical training varies considerably between different universities and even between the different hospitals within Karolinska Institutet. Moreover, Medical practice differs considerably, not only between different countries but also between different universities and even between different hospitals in the same region. The follow-up possibilities within the ISP system with a stored track of the different users different approaches to the simulated patients make it very easy and attractive to compare the diagnostic routines, thereby arriving to regional, national or even international consensus on different typical cases. These facts are two interesting aspects of the Swedish LearningLab (SweLL) extension of the ISP projects, called ISP-VL. In this projects, or experiment as it is called with the SweLL framework, we offer students at different universities (KI, UU, Stanford) to meet and discuss patient management problems with a possibly increased understanding of national and other differences in the medical culture.