An important part in the educational program to become a physician or dentist, is to give a possibility to identify and solve clinical problems. To find suitable cases for education is rather difficult, especially nowadays, when more and more patients are treated at local care centers and not at the university hospitals.



The system consists of a number of different cases within internal medicine, infectious diseases, surgery, dentistry and ear-nose-throat (ENT). Within the limits of the so-called ISP-VL project, will a number of new cases be developed and simultaneously used by students at both Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala University and at Stanford School of Medicine (CA, USA). This extension of the ISP project is called ISP-VL (ISP - Virtual Learning space).


The aim of this project is, by means of modern multimedia technique, to create simulated patient cases where students in groups can work with the cases, both locally and using distant education. The Simulations are constructed in a way so that they stimulated student activity and discussions between students in the groups. One of the more interesting functions of the system is that the "dialogue" with the simulated patient is carried out using natural language, that is, in the same way as with real patients. Another function is that almost any type of examination or laboratory test, including X-ray might be performed.